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Our Vision 

From the picturesque streets of Casalvieri, a legacy that has been preserved through generations has been brought to the tables of Spago more than three decades ago. A legacy that mixes the simplicity and genuine spirit of the people of Ciociaria with the richness of its land. A legacy that Nonno Vitti brought from Italy to North America and that was passed to Peter and Ralph, a legacy that is now displayed on the tables at any of our three locations.

Driven by a dream, the two brothers have managed to combine the tradition of Casalvieri specializing themselves in fresh pasta noodles, authentic Italian dishes, and traditional homemade desserts, all made daily in order to exceed the expectations you have when coming to Spago and of course accompanied by the impeccable service only a true Italian family can provide.

Seven days a week we are here to serve you the best of the traditional Italian cuisine, dishes that, despite the centuries, are still true to themselves: simplicity, purity, fresh and genuine ingredients that go from the land to the table after passing through wise hands. Take a seat and be ready to enjoy our house while you forge a great memory with family and friends.


Welcome to Spago where you will taste Italy with all your senses.

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